You are currently viewing Lions Gate Bridge at 4pm on a Friday…

Lions Gate Bridge at 4pm on a Friday…

Businesses exist to solve problems.

Individual team members are the ones who solve these problems daily.

In a way, a businesses value is constrained by how many problems it can solve.  The PROBLEM that stunts businesses and leaves their teams feeling unfulfilled is that problem solving is not effectively pushed down the organizational chart.  Managers are there to make decisions, everyone else is there to simply do.

In an environment where people are continually learning, people are trusted, and people are allowed to fail, problem solving can be everyone’s responsibility.  This kind of place solves problems with speed and is a more fun place to work. 

In an environment where people are left to fend for themselves, are distrusted, and punished for mistakes, problems naturally rise to more senior people to be solved.  This “bottle necks” progress like traffic on the Lions Gate Bridge at 4PM on a Friday…. aka traffic to our progress.

Where are you leaving problem solving up to someone else? 

Understand your zone of competence, ask clarifying questions, and go the extra mile.

Remember: No one likes traffic, and a Problem Solver > Order Taker.

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