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Are you negotiating or mediating?

Often as property managers we find ourselves in dispute between two parties with opposing interests; these disputes are frequently complex, heated, and difficult to navigate.  It is EASY to fall into

commercial property management

Property Manager & Realtor Relationship

We as property managers work hard to facilitate a positive relationship with a landlord’s listing agent.  We have learnt that when a property manager and listing realtor have good communication and a

Commercial Property Management Insurance

Property Managers Forget to Haggle!

One of the most common points made from property management companies is that they “think like owners, not like managers”.  Then why is it that they rarely, if ever, negotiate a price

Property Management security risk management

Glass, Alarms, and Cameras

There are 3 things that many tenants continually hope will deter thieves: glass, alarms, and cameras.  Time and time again, we see tenants relying on

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