The 10-Minute Sandwich

Client meetings are important in every line of work.  In commercial property management, showing up to onsite meetings with landlords is an especially important thing to get right.  Often managers get caught showing

Drive Time for the Property Manager

It’s an important component of the commercial property manager’s routine to get out of the office and put our shoes on the pavement.  Doing so gets us face to face

Results Orientated VS. Results Obsessed

Great commercial property management is dependent on consistent and lasting dedication towards getting things done.  Despite this being simple and intuitive, doing so consistently is

Vancouver Commercial Property Management

The Bubble

It is the lazy property manager’s mantra that, “no news is good news.”    It never ceases to be surprising how often you can arrive to

Fire Property Management

Great Crisis Management

Today we had a call no one wants to get as a property manager: fire!  No one was hurt, the tenants will be back up and

Commercial Property Management

Death by 1000 Cuts

Over the years, Taurus has had the luxury of a growing portfolio, much of which has come from properties previously managed by other companies.  Although there

Commercial Property Management

Know Thy Landlord

Our first priority in property management is ensuring that we are doing the best job possible for our clients/landlords (it might seem simple, but it really does boil

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