Commercial Property Management

Death by 1000 Cuts

Over the years, Taurus has had the luxury of a growing portfolio, much of which has come from properties previously managed by other companies.  Although there

Commercial Property Management

Know Thy Landlord

Our first priority in property management is ensuring that we are doing the best job possible for our clients/landlords (it might seem simple, but it really does boil

Save The Bridge

As property managers, one of our underlying goals is to have as many positive relationships as possible.  However, despite our best efforts to be “professional problem solvers” who find

commercial property management

Great Companies Follow-Up

One commonality in “office-life” is that we all have too much to do; at least from observation it appears this way.  Property management is riddled with this sentiment, and if you are in the industry you know

Commercial Property Management

The Importance of the Lease

Commercial real estate can be a swirling sea of problems and uncertainty.  Your ability to make fast and effective decisions is directly related to your ability to understand the physics behind

Leverage and Sophistication

Anyone who has spent time in commercial real estate or has had the opportunity to read a lease quickly learns one fact:  this it’s a landlord’s world.  Upon

commercial property management

A Good Place to Eat Lunch

As conscientious property managers, we take pride in being physically present on site often; whether its scheduling an appointment with a tenant (instead of emailing), dropping by unannounced, or doing the Property Manager Special (which is our way of describing a quick, 30–second drive through of the

commercial property management

Creating Systems to HATE keys less

If you manage properties, work in real estate, or even work around real estate, chances are that you’re like us and you hate keys.  You HATE them!  Here

property management

Are you negotiating or mediating?

Often as property managers we find ourselves in dispute between two parties with opposing interests; these disputes are frequently complex, heated, and difficult to navigate.  It is EASY to fall into

commercial property management

Property Manager & Realtor Relationship

We as property managers work hard to facilitate a positive relationship with a landlord’s listing agent.  We have learnt that when a property manager and listing realtor have good communication and a

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