Life Choices

What do a Polish weightlifter, an American novelist, and a South African entrepreneur have in


You don’t need to know anything about Nascar or the Grand Prix to be able

From Green to Brown

It’s that time of year again; the season of pumpkins, ghosts, and skeletons. Historically speaking:

Art of Listening

Active Listening is one of the purest forms of Empathy. Many people like the idea

Our North Star

In the dark and treacherous times of slavery, African Americans sought freedom through the Underground


Reynolds number helps engineers understand how liquids or gases move. It helps figure out if

Live off the Land

Aldo Leopol (1887-1948) was an American writer, philosopher, naturalist, ecologist, conservationist, and environmentalist, and he

Extreme Ownership

You are in a championship game; it’s over-time and sudden death.  The referee makes a

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