In the long-term, the difference between an under-performing asset and an over-performing asset is often the lease renewal process. Utilizing Taurus’ experienced team optimizes a properties odds at achieving the best outcome for our clients.  
  1. Market Insights – Having real time data to hundreds of local tenant lease rates along with close working relationships with real estate professionals in nearly every BC Market, we are able to determine current market rates and back these up with real new comparable deals.
  2. Experience That Counts – We ask the questions you don’t know to ask to achieve the outcomes you did not know were available.
  3. Negotiation – Taurus is both skilled and methodical when it comes to negotiation. We know when to push and when to not.  
  4. Complex Problem Solving – A quarter of lease renewals become more complicated than predicted. It pays to have an experienced management team who can help avoid unneeded legal fees.
  5. Systems & Consistency – Our top tier property management software makes it easy to stay on top of renewal deadlines. A missed renewal date often does not lead to an issue, but when it does, the result is often months of lost revenue for a landlord.

LEasing Strategy

Although the Taurus team maintains the skill-set and acumen to act as the leasing agent for our clients we more frequently recommend our clients hire a 3rd party leasing agent that is a specialist in the area. After 30 years in the industry, and with Taurus’ roots being in brokerage, our network of industry-specific “A Players” adds significant value to our clients.

Office, retail, and industrial leasing is a heavily specialized field. GREAT leasing agents often specialize within one of these categories, and specialize further by region, use, price range, etc. GREAT leasing agents are either “in it”, or they are not. From working everyday in their field, they know who is looking for space and who isn’t and are at the cutting edge of market fluctuations.

Property Managers are not.

Building Relationships for the Long-Term

Flexible Marketing Options

Lease Renewals

Managing lease renewals is a key component of retaining strong tenants and maximizing ROI. We work with our clients to ensure lease renewals are not a surprise and that they are carefully positioned to benefit from any upswings or changes in the market.

Marketing Vacancies

All markets have some degree or attrition and vacancy. Therefore its critical that every commercial real estate owner has an effective long-term strategy with the right people to perform these tasks. Taurus is here to help.

Buying or Selling

As experienced and involved property managers, we help advise clients on their acquisition/dispossession strategy. Whether we help directly, or bring in outside agents, we frequently act as a source of guidance in this area.

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