Even with a focus on commercial properties in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area, the types of clients we work with varies significantly. From developers to smaller family investors, we tailor our services to suite each client’s needs.

We have experienced how different types of investors can have very different goals and investment strategies. We’ve learned how to adapt and tailor our services in each circumstance. Over the years, our flexibility, experience, and attentiveness have earned the trust of our clients and has created many great long-term relationships.


BC based commercial developers rely on us to manage a diverse set of assets


Doctors, dentists, contractors and other business owners who diversified and invested in commercial property


City of Surrey plus other municipal and government agencies


Local families or individual investors with commercial property requiring management

BC Commercial developers

Taurus Commercial plays an important role in assisting developers make the transition from “under construction” to “operational”. With our breadth of experience, we offer developers valuable insight into key building elements for preventative maintenance and tenant satisfaction. 

Every development has its lost costs and after years of working with developers, we’ve learnt a lot. More times then not, money is lost in the last 6 months of a project by over-looking operational systems that end up being retrofitted after building construction. Some of the areas include security and cameras, waste systems and control, parking control, tenant improvement coordination and procedures however there are many more nuances to consider. Beyond knowing “WHAT” to do, we also leverage experience knowing “HOW” to do it and with “WHO”.  

Our Experience


Through 30 years of dealing with city's and local governments we have a good understanding of what procedures needs to be taken and which professionals or consultants need to be brought in and when. The ever changing nature of these jurisdictions requires understanding and awareness at many levels.

Tenant Occupancy

Managing the Tenant Occupancy and Improvement process requires a strict set of protocols as well as a firm hand in tenant relations. Our team has extensive experience in ensure this process is efficient and maintains the overall building integrity.

Managerial Foresight

From construction management to setting up accounts, the manager plays a key role in anticipating future repercussions.

Providing 20-20 Foresight

After years of seeing the large costs of seemingly small mistakes during the development process, we are eager to partner with commercial developers as early in the development process as possible.

No one wants to sign a contract before they need to. Although this is understandable, it often works to disserve developers who don’t start thinking about hiring a property management company until construction is over. Dealing with the city, orchestrating trades, and managing construction finances is a full-time job, and it’s extremely easy to overlook details; this kind of partnering with the right property management company, early in the process.

Think ahead, ask questions, we want to help, obligation free.

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