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Life Choices

What do a Polish weightlifter, an American novelist, and a South African entrepreneur have in common?  The truth is not a lot, however they all share an opinion underlined by the below quotes:

Jerzy Gregorek –  “Hard Choices, Easy Life.  Easy Choice, Hard Life”

F. Scott Fitzgerald –  “Nothing any good isn’t hard”

Elon Musk  –  “High pain threshold is #1”

The vast majority of humanity is like water, perpetually travelling the path of least resistance. 

To combat this, we need to:

  1. Build mechanisms for identifying when we are going the “easy route”.
  2. Practice exercising our “Pain Tolerance”.
  3. Find people and groups that will hold you accountable.

When you stop and think about it, most negative things exist in your life because of an avoidance of doing something difficult or uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, by definition, no one likes doing hard things; it sucks! The upside is that the formula to build a life you would be proud of is actually very simple: just do hard things. A lot… and don’t stop. 

We can summarize this through the lens of our Taurus values: when we go “ALL IN”, we do what others are not willing to do (the hard stuff), and achieve what others do not.

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