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You don’t need to know anything about Nascar or the Grand Prix to be able to visualize a racing pit-stop.

The break-neck speed and surgical precision makes them addicting to watch. They’re an amazing feat of process and full of takeaways, here are 3:

No One Converses     

This is a deceivingly simple point. How many times during a work process do you have to send internal emails or having misc. meetings? Each of these should be a signal that things are not going well.

Team Effort

Re-watch a pit stop and turn your attention to any 1 specific person; they’re actions are notably UNamazing. We can get more done with team-work than any other single super-star can. Don’t underestimate the value of your input, no matter how “simple” you may feel it is.

Right Gear

Watch closely and you should be able to spot dozens of unique pieces of gear, from shoes to impact drivers. Through fostering a culture of trying new things, and protecting our team’s psychological safety, we can create an environment where we’re always find a better way to do things.

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