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New team members

Joining a new team is a nerve-racking experience. Faces are new. Systems and processes are new. Cultures are new.

A great work culture creates an environment where new people are welcomed and as seamlessly as possible integrate into the team. Both new team members and existing ones need to be intentional about what their role is and is not.

Top 3 to-do’s that are often missed:

For New Team Members:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask Why, How, and What … A lot!
  • Refrain from suggesting improvements … At least for the first 3 months
  • Take notes … Lots

For Existing Team Members:

  • Explain things deeply — be generous with your time to explain how things work and the why’s behind them
  • Only good vibes — there is no pecking order to be established
  • Help re-enforce company values — the first three months are incredibly formative for new people

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