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Disagree and Commit

No matter what position you’re in within a company there will be decisions that are made that you do not agree with. 

And sometimes there are days when you just aren’t into it. You have a company event and you don’t feel like it. You may even think the company thing is silly or not the best use of everyone’s time.

Amazon’s corporate leadership principles address this, and they call it “disagree and commit”.

A defining factor between successful and less successful people is their ability to:

Disagree: Voice their opinion, articulate their thoughts, listen actively and debate. Be disagreeable.

Commit: Once a decision is made, be All In; independent of their feelings

Contrary to what you might think, most companies need more disagreement. More heated argument and debate. Not between people, but between ideas.

Do you disagree? Do you commit?

PS. Company culture dissolves in eyerolls and negative side comments. They’re poison to progress. Cultural cancer.

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