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Property Manager & Realtor Relationship

We as property managers work hard to facilitate a positive relationship with a landlord’s listing agent.  We have learnt that when a property manager and listing realtor have good communication and a common understanding of their prospective responsibilities, everybody wins (particularly the client/landlord). 

Having worked in both fields, we understand the needs of both sides and understand the frustration of inefficiencies when one party is not fully engaged.  

Here are a few areas where a property manager can support the listing realtor: 

  • Setting up the offer. Aligning the “offer to lease” with the Landlord’s lease is a good place to start.  
  • Arranging, distributing and controlling keys codes, lockboxes and access.  
  • Documentation. Assembling leases, indemnity agreements, signage guidelines, construction work schedules. These should not be surprises for tenants. 
  • Providing plans and as-builts 
  • Providing current square Footages and measurements 
  • Additional Rent. Providing good and accurate additional rent figures and having supporting details if necessary.  
  • Providing good photos.  
  • Tours – Stepping in to assist the agent if necessary 
  • Paying commissions – working to facilitate good information to expedite payment 
  • Building information. Communicating thorough and tactful information on building amenities 
  • Vetting and qualifying tenants.  
  • Provide opinions on whether a tenant is a “good fit”, keeping in mind the plaza’s long term goals 
  • Competing and permitted uses.  Are there issues with other tenants? 

All Landlords are going to appreciate high-value cooperation amongst their property manager and realtor.  Ultimately, finding a good tenant quickly that will pay the expected rent is always the goal, and addressing the above points proactively, builds the foundation to get there.  

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