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Email Misconceptions for the Property Manager

Email is to a property manager as a hammer is to a carpenter; without it, work would be very difficult! Although this is true for many professionals in the 21st century, it is beneficial to highlight a few common misconceptions that plague property managers when spending time behind the screen:

1. Mistaking email for a to-do list. Over time, after battling through the hamster wheel of emails, it is easy to feel like answering emails is a direct reflection of your to-do list. In reality, email is just as much a reflection of other people’s to do lists, as it is your own. Being cognizant of this, means we need to stay clear on our own objectives and priorities as independent from our email. “Inbox Zero” is nice, but not the goal.

2. Mistaking a sent email for completing a task. It is common to feel a sense of relief when sending an email; its the rush of endorphins that comes from crossing something off your list or a small weight off your shoulders. It is important to be reminded that emails, are only loosely tied to realty, and just because we asked for something to get done, does not mean it will.

3. Mistaking replying to emails as optional. Property managers are notoriously difficult to get a hold of. This is the primary complaint of tenants and landlords and it therefore should be every property manager’s goal to be both responsive and communicative. Leave no email behind!

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