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Creating Systems to HATE keys less

If you manage properties, work in real estate, or even work around real estate, chances are that youre like us and you hate keys.  You HATE them! 

Here are a few tips for hating keys less: 

  • Install a high-security lock box.  This is simply a metal protective shroud that works well to deter thieves.  (These are not “off-the-shelf”, so if you’re needing help finding these, feel free to reach out to us and we can point you in a few directions.) 
  • Install a bigger lock-box.  Have you ever struggled to fit 5 keys and a fob into a lockbox?  It probably took you 5 minutes and the keys disappeared anyways 3 months later (we have found that if it takes you 5 minutes to close a lockbox, vendors give up in 2).  The solution, install a deeper one.  We use a brand called Kidde, and we swear you could live in there.   
  • Systemize the processes of acquiring keys.  If a vendor needs a key onsite, what do they do?  We suggest having a sign-in/sign-out system, whether that is over the phone or in person at your office 
  • As best you can, have someone who is detail orientated and good at staying on top of little things in charge of this process;  in our office, let’s just say it’s not our property managers! 

These things take a little extra time, energy, and money to set-up, but are inarguably worth it in the long run. 

Bonus tip:  Always have a back-up plan.  When it comes to electrical/mechanical rooms that often need to be accessed short notice, there will be times when your above systems/people fail and you can’t get someone access.  It’s a great idea to talk with a reliable tenant who is open often (food uses are great) and ask “just in the case of emergencies” if you can store a key with them.  This will come in handy. 

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