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Are you like us?


At our company roots, we are entrepreneurs. We are passionate about what we do. We have big goals, and are always looking for opportunities for growth. We have resilience to work through failure, and understand that true growth comes from heading towards obstacles, not away from them. We understand that ordinary things done consistently, yield extraordinary results; this means constant and continual action. We value outcomes, not a list of responsibilities. We are not afraid to take calculated risks.  We value results, not time. We are competitive; if there is a list we want to be on top. We are accountable and take responsibility beyond what is regularly expected. We are continually educating ourselves to acquire the tools and knowledge to jump increasingly higher hurdles. We work hard.

Are you like us?  If so, please read on.


Become a Portfolio PARTNER

We chose to partner with our managers, not just hire them. Our model is designed to maximize the ownership you have for your portfolio, while incentivizing growth and facilitating teamwork. We build the systems and support around you, but give you the freedom to operate your portfolio like your own business.

Taurus managers are not paid a salary or bonuses; they are paid generously through a percentage of management fees: 50%. There is no minimum a property manager can earn, similar to how there is no maximum. By having a pay structure that is completely reliant on the property manager’s need to build a portfolio, we maximize ownership and accountability in a sustainable and scaleable way.

With the other 50% that Taurus retains, we aim to provide immense value, mainly by providing brokerage, accounting support, systems & software, marketing & brand, culture, and proven methodologies. Our job is to maintain a model that provides you with more value and opportunity than any other employer in commercial property management, while continually looking for ways to raise the bar for your personal and professional growth.

Commercial Real Estate Property Management
  • Earn 50% on total property management fees
  • Own your portfolio and your relationships
  • Grow your own portfolio, a saleable asset
  • Be your own boss and design your own life
  • Do what you do best and let us do what we do best

Note: Specifics of employment may vary initially based on experience

Your management portfolio is akin to running your own franchise


operate like a Franchise

Our philosophy is that each property manager is running their own business within the Taurus model and will operate in much the same way as a franchise.  As ruler of your own portfolio, overtime your revenues will grow and you will find value in designating as a Personal Real Estate Corporation (PREC).  This allows high-level managers to leverage the upside of incorporation, while leaving the downside of being a licensed brokerage to us.   

Ownership, control and complete accountability are key components of the franchise model, which is a critical piece missing in property management today.  Standard employment practices miss these ingredients, which is the systemic reason why many management firms struggle to keep their clients happy.  We address this problem at the root, and it starts with you. 

Taurus Value

Every failed partnership, has at its root, an imbalance of value creation. We combat this by ensuring we understand what is important to property managers, and continually working to exceed expectations in those areas. Below are the top 6 ways Taurus adds value to their property manager partners.


As your brokerage, we are not just a place to "hang your hat": we provide stability, support, guidance, and a fun network to ensure that your are doing your best work while being compliant with the RECBC.

Accounting Support

We provide premium accounting support to our property managers, by employing great staff, investing in top-quality software, and continually working to improve systems and processes to better support our clients.

Marketing & Brand

Join the Taurus brand, and benefit from the momentum that can only be created by intelligent, targeted, and consistent marketing.

Community & Culture

Second only to our people, our culture is our next biggest asset; it is the glue that keeps the Taurus brand associated with the highest quality of property management. Join our community and grow together!


With decades working in and growing a commercial real estate business, we view it as a duty to coach and mentor property managers trying to grow their own portfolio. Remember: even the best athletes in the world have coaches.


After years of trial and error, we have refined procedures and systems that get the job done well. Integrate our methods into your own, improve upon them, and spread your insights to others. In this way, we are always improving our systems and becoming better together.



One of the biggest negatives of traditional employment is that at the end of the day, you are trading time for money. At the end of your career, what have you built?  The answer: something for someone else.

Under our model, your portfolio is something you have built and you have ultimate control over.  When the time comes, whether by retirement or a career change, your portfolio is an asset that you can sell: either to another property manager or back to Taurus.

This is not traditional employment.

Be Apart of Change

By creating an employee-centric model, focused on becoming the best place to work for commercial real estate's A-Players, we plan on becoming BC's Biggest and Best Commercial Property Management company. Take the first step towards a better career and apply today.


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