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Leasing Strategy

Office, retail, and industrial leasing is a heavily specialized field.  GREAT leasing agents often specialize within one of these categories, and specialize further by region, use, price range, etc.  GREAT leasing agents are either “in it”, or they are not.  From working everyday in their field, they know who is looking for space and who isn’t and are at the cutting edge of market fluctuations.  

Property Managers are not.  

We believe many full service real estate firms do their clients a disservice by having generalists doing specialists work.  This in turn hurts their client’s bottom line. 

Our preference is to partner our clients with high performing leasing agents that are specialists in their field.  After 30 years in the industry, and with Taurus’ roots coming from leasing, our network of industry specific “A Players” adds significant value to our clients. 

Building Relationships for the

Flexible Marketing Options

Lease Renewals

Managing lease renewals is a key component of retaining strong tenants. We work with you to ensure lease renewals are not a surprise and to ensure you are carefully positioned to benefit from any upswings or changes in the market.

Marketing Vacancies

Taurus believes clients benefit more from partnering with 3rd party leasing specialists for most leasing requirements.  However, we realize there are circumstances where using your property management company for leasing is simpler.  For this reason, Taurus is always open to leasing your space as you see fit.

Buying or Selling

As experienced and involved property managers, we help advise clients on their acquisition/dispossession strategy. Whether we help directly, or bring in outside agents, we are happy to be a source of guidance in this area.

Broker Guarantee

As a leasing agent, you are continually networking and negotiating with property owners.  One of the first questions a new owner of a building often asks is “who would you recommend for property management?“.  Our goal is that Taurus Commercial is the industries ‘go-to’ answer.

Our guarantee means:

  • We will never compete with you over any leasing opportunities
  • Your business stays your business
  • Expect Taurus’ referral reciprocity

We are commercial property managers, not brokers… and although we will do leasing work as required, we are happy to pass this work along to you.  You can expect, any property that you refer to Taurus remains a future part of your leasing business for the long-term.  

Above all, relationships are everything in real estate.  Get in touch with us and join our growing network of realtors, lawyers, appraisers and other commercial real estate professionals.     

Brokers! Say hi, and join our Network

We love any opportunity to grow our network and meet new people.  Discussing real estate and opportunities is what we do.

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