Our Partners


Even with a focus on commercial properties in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area, the types of clients we work with varies significantly. From developers to smaller family investors, we tailor our services to suite each client’s needs. We have experienced how different types of investors can have very different goals and investment strategies and have learnt how to adapt and tailor our services in each circumstance. Over the years, our flexibility, experience, and attentiveness have earned the trust of our clients and has created many great long-term relationships.


BC based commercial developers rely on us to manage a diverse set of assets


Doctors, dentists, contractors and other business owners who diversified by investing in commercial property have done well over the last decade.


City of Surrey and other government agencies.


Local families or individual investors.


One element that is often overlooked is tenant care and how this relates to tenant retention and tenant vitality.

Taurus works with sole-proprietors, franchises, start-ups, professional services, government offices, pop-ups, and multi-national corporate businesses. Amongst these different business platforms are an equal number of property types: single building retail, multi-building office, mixed commercial etc. Taurus has quickly become experts in the field of tenant management by navigating the needs and wants of both landlords and tenants in the same direction. 

As a management company with specific focus on income generating properties, attracting and retaining high quality tenants is a top priority. One of the first ways we add value is by championing lease agreements that meet the short and long term needs of all parties.  

With this philosophy, Taurus Commercial not only aims to maximize the value of our clients assets, but positions tenants for their own successes. In today’s competitive and changing business environment, it is incumbent on Landlords, tenants, and property managers to work together to ensure long term prosperity for all.

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