Taurus Values

After decades in the commercial real estate industry, we have carefully refined a set of values that have been instrumental in our success.

Our values are as much a reflection of the personalities of our team as they are a daily reminder of what we strive for.


Everyone can think of a parent that no matter what you asked, always said “No”. We all know companies with this same disposition, and unfortunately, management companies often fall into this category. This is not us; we aim to listen, interpret, think and do the best we can to be helpful. When we respond with “Yes” we become better problem solvers, we innovate, and we don’t frustrate.    

We do not react, we respond. If the short answer is “No”, are there alternatives? Are you sure?

Be a problem solver

Property management is fraught with problems: reoccurring maintenance issues, late night emergencies, accounting imbalances, wrong invoices, etc.

Our role is two-fold: to untangle these issues AND to build a system of process to not allow it to happen again. In doing the latter, we become skilled in the art of “root cause” analysis. It might take twice the time or cost to fix, but we aim to fix issues at their root, once and for all. 

See, Solve, Implement.


Diligence is more than hard work, it is consistency. This is a requirement in effective property management and is a common quality amongst Taurus’ team. We show up every day, and are not focussed on the time, we are focused on the result. Although we try not to, this might mean coming in early, staying late, or orchestrating a roof repair during a storm at 3am if we need to. We do so because we care about what we do, and have pride in the outcomes that we strive for.

Team first

“It is amazing what you can accomplish, when you don’t care who gets the credit” – Harry S. Truman

Our ego is important, but keeping it in check is a huge component of working in a collaborative, innovative, and growing environment. Keep it in the vehicle, but buckle it up in the back booster seat.

Reject average

Average is the poison that dilutes and eventually extinguishes excellence. When we use phrases like “industry standard” to compare our metrics, processes, or people we begin to justify average. We strive for 5-stars reviews, better systems, faster processes, amazed clients, and delighted tenants. We say, “How can I do this to the best of my ability?”, not “How does everyone else do this?”, or worse “What’s the minimum I can do and get away with?”

Pursue growth and learning

At Taurus, we want every employee to be growing both personally and professionally. We feel anyone working full time, is spending a huge portion of their time dedicated to work, and deserve to be in an environment where they are becoming better humans. We are firm believers that there is no standing still, that you are either growing or dying, and we chose to grow. After a few months of working here, it would be evident that Taurus is always growing and always facing new challenges as a result. Because of this, it is imperative that our people are choosing to welcome these challenges as opportunities for personal betterment and professional growth!


Taurus’ goal is to make our client’s lives simpler, by alleviating the day-to-day stresses of property ownership. After all, life and business can be complicated, property management doesn’t need to be.

Whether we are looking for ways to reduce operating costs or resolving a disagreement between tenants, everything we do is just a different type of problem solving; and when faced with a problem, complexity is the enemy. Complexity is the mother of procrastination and is often the reason important things do not get done.

Simplicity is clarity. Simplicity is progress.

BE Human

The landscape between tenants, landlords, and vendors is not always conflict free. This is true in any aspect of life where we will work with many different characters that come from various backgrounds, knowledge levels, and systems, and most importantly: opposing interests. It is incumbent on us to know that everyone is doing the best they can in any given situation and to give people the benefit of the doubt. When conflict arises, commercial real estate can feel cold and transactional. We combat this by bringing a touch of humanity into every interaction. This could mean going to site and speaking face-to-face instead of emailing, or it could be as simple as a smile or friendly demeanour.  

Have FUN

What’s the point of doing anything at all, if you’re not going to enjoy the process?

We at Taurus, either enjoy what we do, or we are fixing it. Life is too short for anything in between. A little bit of fun, is the oil to our engine; it keeps us smiling and is the secret ingredient to us being of great service to our clients in the long-term. Happy team members is the foundation to Taurus’ culture and is the reason why we are effective in delivering first class results for our clients.

1 + 1 = 3

We believe in the synergy of great partnerships. Where the value derived from the partnership of two entities can be greater than the sum of the separate individual parts. Our partners include our team members, our clients (commercial developers, investors, families), brokers/leasing agents, and vendors, and we are always looking for ways that we can add more value to the other side.  

Together, we can achieve more.