Taurus Strata Management

Taurus Commercial Real Estate Services operates a commercial strata management division as well as commercial real estate leasing and sales functions. The principle management philosophy is: “Local management is effective management”.

Commercial/Industrial Strata Property managed by Taurus Commercial

204 Cayer Coquitlam BC Commercial/Industrial Strata Property managed by Taurus Commercial

We pride ourselves to offer experienced and dedicated strata management staff in order to provide stable, effective strata management with a local touch.We are committed to providing prompt and courteous customer service, diligent completion of Strata Council directives and accurate, timely financial reports. Our experienced strata managers can assist owners of residential, commercial and industrial properties with resolving complex problems, managing finances, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance and developing a plan to properly maintain their property.

Taurus Commercial's in-house accounting team and strata management specialists have the experience, knowledge and resources to provide high-quality services and accurate financial statements.We help you to protect and increase the value of your investment, guide you through the legal requirements, assist your Strata Council with planning and monitoring meetings, and ensure that the owners receive the information they require.

Commercial Strata Management Services

surlang centre

Surlang Centre, Managed by Taurus Commercial, Ian MacLennan Property Manager


Here are some of the valuable services that Taurus Commercial can offer your Strata Council:

Financial Management

  • Collect, record, and deposit monthly strata fees in your Strata’s Trust Account.
  • Follow up on collection of delinquent accounts and register liens against delinquent owners (if required) in accordance with the Strata Council policy.

Accounts Reporting, Records and Transactions

  • Provide Financial Statements prepared by our in-house Accounting Department to the Strata Council on a monthly basis.
  • Provide Council with accurate record keeping of accounts receivables and accounts payable.
  • Provide payroll services for on-site staff if required.

Operations Planning

  • Work with Strata Council in developing annual budgets, capital planning and contingency reserve funds.
  • Incorporate the Strata Council’s feedback and requirements into the annual budget process.
  • Plan for future remodeling and replacement of equipment if required.

Communications and Meetings

  • Assist with organizing all Annual General Meetings, Special General Meetings and Strata Council meetings.
  • Strata Manager will take minutes of the Strata Council Meetings and the Annual General Meeting as directed by the Strata Council.
  • Distribute Minutes once approved by Strata Council.
  • Provide notice of upcoming meetings to Strata Council members.

On-site Property Management

  • Complete regular property inspections to ensure that the property is being well-maintained.
  • Prepare schedules for ongoing maintenance and upkeep.
  • Assist the Strata Council in completing an engineering audit of the property if required.
  • Oversee maintenance and repair work required to maintain the high quality of the property.


  • Our service providers have the ability to provide after-hour, short-notice assessments and service.
  • We have strong long-term working relationships with contractor partners which enable us to provide our clients with buying and negotiating power for required services.

Emergency Services

  • Provide a 24-hour Emergency Response service for owners.
  • Each Strata Manager is equipped with an electronic directory of all approved service providers for each property

Insurance Services

  • Assist Strata Council in reviewing and obtaining insurance coverage for the property if required.

Document Control and Management

  • Manage all legal documents, minutes, registers and financial records pertaining to strata property.

Cliff Raps is the owner and president of TAURUS Commercial Real Estate Services Ltd. He has been active in the Greater Vancouver commercial real estate market for over 20 years.